First Farms and Forests is a meaningful response to present day issues of Indigenous Food Sovereignty and food security for all Canadians. First Farms & Forests Centre for Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Social Agribusiness is a working farm feeding families in Norfolk, Hamilton, and Niagara.

Before buy local was cool...

The modern trend talk about local foods, sustainable agriculture, permaculture - none of this is news to Indigenous peoples. It is how we have always done things. Intercropping for example - building mounds to plant corn, beans and squash together is a long standing Indigenous agricultural method that maintains balance in the soil due to how the three crops relate to each other. Food foraging is nothing more than living with the land, not taking more than you need and allowing the forest to sustain itself.

What we do...

First Farms and Forests offers home delivery food services to provide Indigenous customers with culturally and spiritually safe nutrition. We are working to provide organically grown, non-GMO, chemical free heirloom or traditional seed varieties as available of garden vegetables with an emphasis on root vegetables, ensure year round greens with our technology partners, and provide opportunities for Indigenous youth at risk to gather the wild asparagus and red and black raspberries throughout the summer months. Morels are in abundant supply in the spring, as are Shaggy mane and Puffball mushrooms in the fall. Our Indigenous Youth Micro Agribusiness Incubator provides opportunities for participants to develop and market new products made from 100% local, fresh, nutrient dense ingredients consistent with our Each one, Feed one philosophy.

Why we do it...

It is our hope that with such a return to the teachings, health and wellness can be restored, disease processes can be slowed or reversed and the warrior spirit can live with certainty of identity and place in Canadian society. Our land base will serve as an Indigenous food systems model and educational facility for sustainable, social agriculture. We operate as a social enterprise where each one, feeds one. For every retail customer, we provide an equal amount to children, youth, Elders and families at risk. Often times, those families ask what they can do in return. We attempt to create opportunities for community participation.