Our Philosophy

First Farms & Forests Centre for Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Social Agribusiness is a working, agroecology model farm feeding families in Norfolk, Hamilton, and Niagara. 


We believe in a holistic approach to food production that uses—and creates—social, cultural, economic and environmental knowledge to promote food sovereignty, social justice, economic sustainability, and healthy agricultural ecosystems.


We focus on working with and understanding the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment within agricultural systems. By bringing ecological principles to bear in agroecosystems through ecological intensification, novel management approaches can be identified, building on key interactions and strengthening “virtuous cycles” in agricultural production that would not otherwise be considered. 

Our Community Food Service

First Farms and Forests offers home delivery food services to provide Indigenous customers with culturally and spiritually safe nutrition. We are working to provide organically grown, non-GMO, chemical free heirloom or traditional seed varieties as available of garden vegetables with an emphasis on root vegetables, ensuring year round greens with our indoor growing technology partners, and providing opportunities for Indigenous youth at risk to gather the wild asparagus and red and black raspberries throughout the summer months. Morels are in abundant supply in the spring, as are Shaggy mane and Puffball mushrooms in the fall.

Our Indigenous Youth Initiative

Our Indigenous Youth Micro Agribusiness Incubator provides opportunities for participants to develop and market new products made from 100% local, fresh, nutrient dense ingredients consistent with our each one, feed one distribution philosophy. For every box of produce we sell, we distribute one box of produce to those in need. We give youth in transition the opportunity to contribute their innovative farm & forest products in the same way. There is no valid reason for anyone to go hungry in this country. When everyone works together in a cooperative way the circle stays strong.

A Nationwide Network of Indigenous Agroecologists - Canada's First Farmers

First Farms & Forests fosters Indigenous led community agroecology projects and farm conversions. Contact us if you are an Indigenous farmer wanting to adopt more traditional (agroecology) food systems or would like to join our growing membership of community minded producers working to address Indigenous Food Sovereignty. Email: contact@firstfarms.ca 


First Farms & Forests Centre for Indigenous Food Sovereignty & Sustainable Social Agribusiness is a proud member of the National Farmers Union.